Park Safety


Newstead’s 300 acres of parkland owes much of its beauty to the River Leen feeding the lakes, ponds and cascades that ornament its gardens, along with its wildlife of peacocks and swans.

Our safety tips to help you enjoy the park safely:


Wildlife safety

Newstead Park is a large park home to a variety of wildlife, including peacocks, swan & geese, as well as other wildlife.

Peacock mating season occurs around February with peachicks often hatching between April and May.

For the safety of the wildlife, we recommend visitors to:

  • Remain close to paths and avoid long grassy areas
  • Keep a safe distance from the deer
  • Keep dogs on leads throughout the park

General safety guidance

  • Keep dogs on leads throughout the park in zoned areas
  • Take litter home where possible
  • BBQs & fires are not permitted in the park, as they pose a danger to wildlife
  • No swimming or fishing in the lake

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