I love not Man the less,
but Nature more

Gardens & Park

Newstead’s 300 acres of parkland owes much of its beauty to the River Leen feeding the lakes, ponds and cascades that ornament its gardens, along with its wildlife of peacocks and swans.


She walks in beauty

Whether meandering past lakes, ponds and waterfalls or relaxing in the Formal Gardens, Newstead has something to offer in all seasons; from the bright colours of the rhododendrons in late spring to the Japanese maples in autumn.


Walled Gardens

Explore the Walled Gardens’ lush ferns and rockeries as well as the sunken Japanese Oasis; boasting streams and stepping stones, bamboo groves and wild crayfish.



The Fort, constructed in 1749 by the fifth Lord Byron, served as a vantage point for miniature naval reenactments and cannons firing across the lake. On such occasions, the expanse of water became his mini ‘Mediterranean Sea’. In 1877, the Webbs converted the building into a boathouse.



Explore sixteen distinct oases within the grounds; from the Garden Lake and Byron’s Oak and Boatswain’s Monument to the Stew Pond, Fernery and numerous herbaceous borders. Beautiful themed gardens include the Japanese, American, Small Walled, Rose, Sub-Tropical, Venetian, Spanish, French, Monks and Great Gardens.

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Park walk

Experience the romance and mystery of Newstead with a range of paths and lakes throughout the park & grounds.



Explore Newstead’s gardens with our exciting family trails. Hunt for clues, find the answers and claim a prize at the end! Each trail has other fun activities to complete inside. Outdoor trails are available throughout each school holiday from the shop.

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