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English: Writing, composition skills, planning writing, evaluating and editing, reviewing and sharing work.

History: significant person in history

In this session:

  • Explore our impressive collection of painted portraits in the Salon at Newstead Abbey and use them as a starting point for creative writing. Who were these people? What did they do all day? What were they like?
  • Through a series of creative writing activities, pupils will create their own character, dress up and commission a portrait from a classmate.
  • Create characters and narratives to develop the group’s knowledge and use of descriptive language.
  • This session can be combined with a house tour, or another of our creative sessions to create a full day for your class.

Duration: 1.5 hours | 10.30am–12pm or 1pm–2.30pm
Cost per session: £6 per child

Key Stage: 1/2


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