Geraldine Katherine Webb

One of Newstead Abbey’s most important residents was born on this day, 12th February, in 1860.


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Geraldine Katherine Webb was born on this day, 12th February in 1860


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Who was Geraldine Katherine Webb?

Geraldine Katherine Webb was one of Newstead Abbey’s most important residents,

She moved to Newstead Abbey as a newborn, when her father William Frederick Webb bought it the month after her birth.

She was one of seven Webb siblings to grow up in these beautiful surroundings.

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Geraldine shared a love of gardening with her sister Ethel, and their mother Emilia. Many of the gardens she helped to design remain at Newstead.

The family were keen travellers. Geraldine and Ethel visited Japan in the 1890s, and returned enthused by Japanese design. Their stunning Japanese sitting room is still one of the most well-loved rooms at Newstead today, decorated with beautiful carved wood panels and screens.

Geraldine and Ethel designed the Japanese Garden in 1907, which is faithfully maintained to their designs today.

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Although our Historic House and many facilities are currently closed, we still wanted to note this special day, as her legacy plays an important role in making Newstead Abbey & Gardens what it is today.

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