D. H. Lawrence

Nottingham City Museums has recently acquired the last known portrait of D. H. Lawrence, the famous Nottinghamshire writer. This painting was created by Dutch artist Joep Nicolas (1897 – 1972) and it is currently on loan to the D. H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum


Teachers’ resources and events

As part of this HLF funded project our learning team have created a series of resources and events for teachers to support their learning and exploration of the painting and the writing and life of D. H. Lawrence


These can be found here:

Digital Resource

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An Exploration of the Poem ‘Piano’ by D. H. Lawrence and creating poems about memories.

Part 1: Introduction-Routes in to Working as a Poet.

Poet and theatre maker Matt Miller talks about their career progression and offers advice and ideas on how to progress as a freelance poet and performer.

*Part 2: Exploring the Poem ‘Piano’

Filmed in the parlour of the D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum, Matt Miller explores the poem ‘Piano’.

Part 3: Writing a Poem about a Memory.

Matt Miller leads the group through a series of activities to help them build, create and edit their own poems about a memory.

Part 4: Tour of the D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum

A brief look around the D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum, Eastwood, Nottingham.

The resource can be found here


Past activities with the painting…


D. H. Lawrence Seminar + painting viewing


Dr Andrew Harrison – University of Nottingham

Dr Terry Gifford – Bath Spa University

Dates: Sunday 4th September 2023

Includes Seminar + afternoon tea, Historic House admission, viewing of the D. H. Lawrence painting & car parking


Creative Workshops

Session lead: Dr Karen Buckley

Dates: July & August 2022

Price: Free

A Portrait of D H Lawrence at Aldous Huxley’s House, Suresnes, 1929 by Joep Nicolas. Nottingham City Museums

Thanks to all funders that have donated and ensured Nottingham City Museums has been able to acquire the portrait.


Thank you to D. H. Lawrence Society and Friends of Nottingham City Museums who donated, in order for Nottingham City Museums to be able to acquire the portrait.

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