English Writing

  • Writing Poetry
  • Write clearly, accurately, and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences
  • Acquire a wide vocabulary, listen, and respond


Caring relationships

  • the characteristics of friendships, including mutual respect, truthfulness, trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, generosity, trust, sharing interests and experiences and support with problems and difficulties
  • that healthy friendships are positive and welcoming towards others, and do not make others feel lonely or excluded.

Respectful relationships

  • the importance of respecting others, even when they are very different from them
  • what a stereotype is, and how stereotypes can be unfair, negative or destructive.

Online relationships

  • To recognise how images in the media and online don’t always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves.

Session overview

A day to celebrate who we are, our friendships and what makes us unique using writing and art.

We will explore how we show and communicate who we are to other people.

What are the unique things that makes us us? How can we portray this through art, celebrate who we are and the things that we love?

The group will create a poem about the characteristics we value in our friends and the things that make us unique and then ‘commission’ a friend portrait and collage to illustrate their writing.

We will also explore the portraits on display at Newstead Abbey, including the portrait of the writer D.H. Lawrence and items from our contemporary collection.


Outcomes for group

  • To explore the portraits in our collection and more contemporary images, including the portrait of D. H. Lawrence.
  • To look at how portraits have changed through time contrasting the portraits at Newstead Abbey with more contemporary work from our collection. We will explore what and who were valued in historical portraiture and contrast and compare with the things we value in ourselves and others today
  • To celebrate who we are and what makes us unique through art and writing.
  • To write and read poetry: developing skills in comprehension and composition, writing descriptive and evocative poems.
  • To create artwork to express ideas.

Duration: 4.5 hours | 10.30-12.00 pm and 1pm–2.30pm

Cost per session: £300

Key Stage: 2

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